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Five Best Blogs: Will An Educator Win A 2012 MacArthur Grant?


MacArthur "genius" grants are out tomorrow. Two education types won MacArthur genius grants last year, then before that it was 2007 ow.ly/dTVmm

Simmering contract fights in Patterson, Newark, & NYC, says TIME's @kaylawebley ow.ly/dTWn6 #5bb Dont' forget LAUSD!

If Chicago teachers *really* loved poor kids they'd go back on strike for equal funding, says CAP's Matt Millerow.ly/dTUOi#

More Chicago stats and comparisons from @NCTQow.ly/dTTRu 

Teacher Larry Strauss lists "who benefits from a failing education system?" ow.ly/dTNhR #5bb But his list is incomplete.

The influence readings in the new Atlantic rundown of ed reform groups seem high given recent eventsow.ly/dTNG0 


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