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Technology: Back To School Drones

image from media.npr.orgOne of the new things you may see during the upcoming school year are drones -- the unmanned aerial vehicles that have long been used overseas and by the military.

 Some of the uses that are being tried in schools around the nation: *Dropoff and pickup supervision *Lunch / recess supervision *Menu announcements *Truancy sweeps *Test proctoring *Patrolling the senior parking lot *Finding lost kids and schoolbuses off school grounds *Field trip supervision

For more on domestic uses of drones, check out this NPR story from Larry Abramson.


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Oh dear. As fun and whimsical as the phrase “tactical lunchstrike” will ultimately become -and yes, I’m coining said term now- one can’t help but feel that military-grade drones announcing lunch is both a gross misuse of financial resources and of a school’s right.

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