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People: Winn Leaving 50CAN To Head New TFA Initiative

image from www.50can.orgFormer NYC DOE and EEP staffer Ellen Winn is leaving 50CAN to head a new initiative at TFA focused on helping alumni prepare for district leadership positions. I'll try and get more from TFA about the initiative -- I thought they were already doing that already.  Meantime, that's Winn with Marc Porter Magee in the picture.  Read the 50CAn version of the story here. Read Winn's Facebook announcement here.


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I really question the idea that TFA is encouraging 24 year olds with two years of teaching experience to go into district leadership positions as a larger strategy.

Alex: Thanks so much for featuring this. I feel like WAY more of a Rock Star than I actually am!

Chris: I just wanted to quickly address your question. The new initiative will be focused on TFA alums who already have a good deal of experience under their belts, not right out of the Corps.


It looks like an excellent service to me. Best of luck to everyone involved!

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