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Five Best Blogs: Is $389M In K12 Venture Capital A Lot?

D74e65204179539New @StudentsFirstNY donors? Hedge funder Daniel Loeb, investor Paul Tudor Jones, both 75k bit.ly/Ppbap3 via by_resmovits

Venture capital in K12 grew to $389M last year, reports says @SSimonReuters ow.ly/cH5mP #5bb Sky still not falling.

Romney et al don't believe that good luck helped them succeed, says TAP's Paul Waldman ow.ly/cH61W Ditto for reformers, I'd argue

Kim Smith leaving Bellwether to lead exotic-sounding Pahara Institute, says @PoliticsK12 ow.ly/cGVVR

National Charter-District Collaboration Conference Set for November 4-5, 2012 just outside Denver.http://t.co/tBVFZ39z

Traditional PD is often expensive and ineffective -- will the Twitter version be any better ow.ly/cGNQg My guess is no


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New tests are coming, and we badly need them; it would be nice if our cash-strapped public schools could pick up tests that would improve student understanding without costing them a fortune in new technology requirements. I assert that such tests already exist; it's largely a question of retrieving them successfully and then forming a problem database for easy distribution.

So Twitter’s going to replace conventions? Well, I suppose it IS the bizarro world where the typical teenager uses something more resembling English than the typical politician.

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