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AM News: NCLB -- "Not Dead Yet"

No Child Left Behind: Not Dead Yet Stateline: With the majority of states no longer abiding by the ten-year old federal law, some experts have concluded that it has effectively been overturned. But some of the remaining 17 states are finding that the feds can be pretty stubborn when it comes to allowing wholesale changes in the law's provisions.

With NCLB Waiver, N.J. Lays Out Turnaround Plans EdWeek: New Jersey is taking an approach centered on the creation of seven Regional Achievement Centers that will monitor and intervene in the state’s lowest-performing schools, which ultimately could be subject to closure by the state.

What's That Stack Of Money Doing Near The Stock Exchange? Huffinton Post:  While cash and Wall Street go hand-in-hand, the College Board is hoping that a 6-foot-tall display of (fake) hundred-dollar bills placed near the Stock Exchange on Wednesday morning will stop one of the more apathetic breeds of pedestrian, commuters in downtown New York.

'Hybrid' Home Schools Gaining Traction EdWeek: Education policymakers and researchers have largely ignored the tremendous growth in home schooling, particularly among these sorts of “hybrid” home-schoolers willing to blur the pedagogical and legal lines of public and private education, said Joseph Murphy, an associate dean at Peabody College of Education.

Fun and Free Science in Providence, R.I. NPR: The Providence Alliance for Clinical Educators combines captivating storytelling with exquisite illustrations to teach scientific principles in a fun and memorable way.


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In this day and age, we need every advancement in math and science education we can get. And with a more interactive program, you wind up training engineers, the kind of people we need in this country en masse to correct the economy’s path.

Kauffmann gets it right in saying that education in politics builds itself up to climaxes it can’t ever really attain. I doubt, even with these campaigns, even with all the funding, that education is going to be legitimately tackled as a real issue.

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