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Weekend Reading: Childcare, Like ECE In General, Forgotten Issue

Jonesbeach2012Childcare costs 2x as much as public college tuition via Slate ow.ly/cpvki #thisweekined

English teacher: I was wrong about “Hunger Games” - Salon ow.ly/cpvzu #t

10 Things in School That Should Be Obsoleteow.ly/cpvd7  @KQED @MindShift #thisweekined My favorite? The computer lab.

Three thousand education & health groups join together to oppose federal budget cuts Coalition for Health Funding ow.ly/cpq7M

Michelle Rhee on NBC's "Meet the Press" this morning (nowish) msnbc.com.

I wonder which reform group will, like Nokia (WJS ow.ly/cppyt) focus so much on early success that eventually gets passed by?

Reporters (&bloggers) should say where they get their tidbits esp negative ones slipped by the other side CJR ow.ly/cpppD

US poverty on track to rise to highest since 1960sow.ly/cpw2X 

Crime is at a 40y low but nervous parents are limiting their kids' freedom to roam & it hurts urban lifeow.ly/cpvBE 

The Long Slow Death Of NCLB @kevincarey1ow.ly/cpvNj [in case like me you still haven't read it]

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The Slate article shows that our democratic leaders had better speed up the improvement of our traditional public school system, or they face the prospect of millions of American families exiting it in favor of private schooling as the only hope for their children. I have concluded, reluctantly, that the local public schools in our area are not set up to give my children access to the futures we want, and these are supposed to be some of the best public schools in America, so if things look that bad in Irvine, they look worse elsewhere. The alternative, a reduced future for our children, is not attractive. Our teachers' union leaders are reluctant followers in this process, unfortunately, rather than being educational leaders.

The shooting massacre in Colorado simply let us know how dangerous society can be. This had to be the worst shooting Massacre in U.S history. It's unbelieveable to see a man kill 12 innocent people, injure 58 with 30 being in critical condition. May our prayers be with their Family. However, this is the reason why we have to take self defense seriously. People have to learn to be aware, take self defense classes or even carry handguns or non-lethal weapons. However, we can't sit back an allow these incidents to happen. This was horrible. May God be the victims families. May the suspect receive the maximum penality for his actions.

Though I don’t exactly see which article the above poster is talking about, it was certainly a horrible incident, sensationalized by the media to the point of fear tactics... I hope the family of the shooter isn’t being held as accountable as they appear to have been so far.

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