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People: Here Comes Kombiz

Kombiz_imageThe world was abuzz last week about the news that @Kombiz (Lavasany) was back at the AFT (if by AFT you mean UFT).  Kombiz came to "fame" in 2008, as an online comms guru for the DNC. Before that, according to EdNotes, he helped set up the UFT blog, EdWize.  From 2009 until now he worked for New Partners.  I first came across him working on education issues last year when someone who worked for him, Asher Huey, was bashing Rhee on Twitter.  Or something along those lines.  Huey's New Partners email doesn't work anymore and his Huffington Post bio says he's now at the AFT.  So maybe they're reunited.  As of last Monday the 23rd, Kombiz's official title was Manager, AFT’s Research and Strategic Initiatives Department, replacing Gene Bruskin (who?). Bio here.


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He seemed to go a great job with Edwize, at least what I’ve seen of it. I don’t know enough about his work to say whether or not he’s a good fit as manager, but his credentials speak for themselves, perhaps.

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