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Media: "Draft Sharing" Spreads At Washington Post Education Team

3ea42727712b194c87202fedc7a5b38a_LJournalists have a long time practice of not showing drafts of stories to sources.  But some -- the Washington Post's Jay Mathews may be the best known in education circles -- believe that sharing stories leads to better, more accurate results.  Here, media watcher Jim Romenesko shares this Texas Observer story about how Washington Post education reporter Daniel de Vise shared a draft higher education story with UT Austin officials and what journalism experts have to say about the process.  The Post's Nick Anderson defends the process and the result, which included changes made at UT's request.  h/t SB



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In some ways I think it could lead to censorship, but if that’s the price we pay for more accurate information, so be it, I suppose.

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