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Video: Soon There Will Be (Already Are?) K12 Versions Of This

The cast of SNL tells you how to get your four-month college degree from the University of Westfield which, ironically enough, is the name of the school that the charter principal said she got her PhD at (read all about it in Nichole Dobo's story here).  Via the listserv at @EWA.


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You linked the companion article, by Wade Malcolm. The Nichole Dobo Story about the insane situation at the Pencader Charter School, is here: http://www.delawareonline.com/article/20120624/NEWS03/306240050/The-lies-behind-diploma-mills

What’s really funniest about places that do this kind of thing is the simple statement, for example, “EARN YOUR FOUR-YEAR DEGREE IN ONE YEAR”. …not to get pedantic, but doesn’t that make it a one-year degree?

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