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Quotes: Less Talk, More Walk

Quotes2It is time, finally, to start training teachers the way we train doctors and pilots, with intense, realistic practice... to stop saying teaching is hard work and start acting like it-- The Atlantic's Amanda Ripley 


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Amanda, At the University of TN we recognize teaching is a practice profession, like medicine. As such for 22 years we've been training teachers on a rigorous 5 year model- undergraduate degree in a concentration subject area, a vetting process for students to be admitted into upper division education classes, and a full year internship in highly experienced teacher mentor classrooms. Interns take advanced research methods and conduct action research in their placements- many of which are published. All must be competed BEFORE we recommend them be certified to teach on their own.

YET, TN and many other states, with the blessing of Arne Duncan, Obama, and congress are permitting dumbed down teacher certification requirements. http://hecse.net/index.html
Some states have passed laws ending teacher certification programs, meaning anyone with a BS or BA can teach.

At the 11th hour of 2010, the Democratic congress secretly inserted language into the continuing amendment by allowing persons to be deemed ‘Highly Qualified’,while they are enrolled in alternative route to certification programs and have not yet completed them.

Both Democratic and Republican officials are funding dumbed down for-profit, fast tracked teacher ed- programs like Teach for America, Online certifications, and alt licensing programs at the same time they are demanding more accountability for higher education institutions and public school teachers.

Is there a disconnect between policy and regulations? Or are our corporate owners working to turn teaching into a service job? One thing is certain. The edu-privatizers will increase profits funneled from the public coffers by keeping labor costs low.

Brilliant. For once, I have nothing clever to say about the day’s quote, because I completely agree with it. I think a lot of complaining is done, but very few teachers I’ve ever known actively strive to improve their personal teaching skills, especially the older they get.

I have heard many teachers say that they didn't go to school for teaching, they couldn't find a job in their field took the Gates test and became a teacher in the state of GA. As a student who is pursuing a degree in teacher education I don't think that is fair and as an inspiring teacher I want know and learn and do whatever it takes to be the best teacher I can be to my future students.

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