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Media: Another Twist And Turn For The AP Education Team

Tumblr_lyzx3pQbdG1qz4cuyo1_500It's been a strange few years for the education team at AP and has just gotten a little stranger: 

A brief recap:  Four years ago, Libby Quaid was named replacement for Nancy Zuckerbrod (here) as national education reporter in DC.

Two years ago, Quaid left on maternity leave and AP unveiled the "team" education coverage without a single  national education reporter based in DC (see details here).  

Team coverage didn't work perfectly, and then there was the announcement that Kimberly Hefling was the new national education reporter based in DC (she made a brief appearance on the blog here) followed shortly thereafter by the announcement she was going on maternity leave.  (Miami-based Christine Armario is apparently filling in.)

On Thursday, Atlanta-based writer Dorie Turner, part of AP's team coverage of education, announced she's leaving AP for a job at the state department of education.  A six year veteran, the energetic Turner is wrapping up her AP career next week and starting her new job in July.  As always: congrats, condolences to Turner and her AP workmates.


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It's almost amusing how dramatic AP's team change-ups read as time goes on. It's really kind of a shame they have to go on as they do, their articles are a useful resource without question.

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