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Five Best Blogs: YES Prep Lords Broad Win Over Other CMOs

Schoolhellspread3Tutoring lobby backs bill that would undo a NY state reform effort @gothamchools ow.ly/bJEIF #5bb

Mass Insight's @juscohen weighs in on the pros and cons of another SIG option ow.ly/bJwNM

Confidence in public ed is down to 29 pct but it's been trending down since the 70s & has been below 40 pct since 1991 ow.ly/bJBsk

Boot Camp for Teachers - One of the Atlantic's 23 1/2 biggest ideas of the year.theatlantic.com/magazine/archi… via @michaelpetrilli

Censorship of parent voice in Chicago | Stand for Childrenhttp://ow.ly/bIRci 

Internet donates $28k to hapless Rochester school bus monitor whose abuse by students was caught on video http://ow.ly/bIDMF 



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I'd like to see what the parents have to say about their children's behavior. If we'd done that, our mother would have had us making formal apologies and working with that woman for months doing whatever she told us to do.

As for the boot camp idea, I think it's a great idea. I have a friend who started doing her student teacher training this year and she's come away from it many days in tears saying she doesn't think it's possible to reach some kids.

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