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Five Best Blogs: Snapshot Of StudentsFirst's Early Fundraising


StudentsFirst raised nearly $8M from 10/10 to 8/11 says Politico ow.ly/bOEej 

Thanks to @Joy_Resmovits for SCRIBD-ing the StudentsFirst 990s ow.ly/bOEHV 

My Hat's off to ED - Rick Hess Straight Up - Education Week ow.ly/bOlPJ

A huge win on tenure | NJ.com ow.ly/bOjid via @DFER_News and Derrell Bradford  [benefits of avoiding LIFO?]

Brooklyn school faces $360K "gentrification cliff" with loss of Title 1 funding ow.ly/bObAP This happens way too often

Jeb Bush is making things complicated for Mitt Romney (and for ed reformers, I'd add) ow.ly/bObq7# @SSimonReuters

Too much focus on young unemployed, not enough on middle ageds, says Ben Casselman in the WSJow.ly/bOber via @wonkbooks 



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I’d agree with Casselman in that it’s often easier for the young unemployed to get benefits. But I doubt they’re really being ignored. Voting is statistically a thing done by the older generations, so securing the vote of the middle-aged means, at least, conveying the illusion of having their back.

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