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Five Best Blogs: I Got Nothing

Shepard fery peace corps postEd Next looks at Relay in "A New Type of Ed School" rly.gs/ca2fa @relaygse

New on @HuffPostEdu - Arne scorns Iowa - huffingtonpost.com/michael-j-petr… via  @MichaelPetrilli

Why is @DianeRavitch is trumpeting success of American schools while railing against NCLB? @bigswifty, help me out?  via @benjaminjriley

 Rick Hess: The real CC test will be whether states are willing to invest in assessments & curricula via @alliekimmel

Sequestration could really happen on the defense side, say NatJourn insiders http://ow.ly/bQxFc 

Think before you flip @nctq http://ow.ly/bQxOf 


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You do make an excellent point. American schooling in general shouldn’t be commended by any opponent of NCLB, since that’s really what education in most places is modeled after.

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