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Five Best Blogs: Education? We Don't Need No Stinking Education.

Fingerlakes2Want Obama and Romney to pay more attention to education? Sign the Don't Forget Ed petitionow.ly/bLJK2 via GOOD's @LizDwyer

Civil rights groups decry @m_rhee appearance at for-profit college convention in Las Vegas ow.ly/bLl73

Rick Hess gives highlights and key lesons from the EDIN'08 saga ow.ly/bLGpN Thanks for all the feedback you've been sending!

Web video of NY bullying stirs passion, anger; site raises $440K-plus for target: apne.ws/KZZtp5 -CJ

Which 12 ed schools have the classroom simulator @amadaripley mentions ow.ly/bLGdT and how much time does each student get?

John Merrow loves the energy and smarts of charter people, worries about messaging @LearningMatters ow.ly/bLjfo 

Privatizing vs Contracting: It's a Real Difference slate.com/blogs/moneybox… via @mattyglesias via @saramead 


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Well, it’s pretty much impossible to speak for any college without getting involved in a for-profit situation of some kind. Colleges are businesses first.

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