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Charts: The State Funding Cliff Is Already Happened

image from i.huffpost.comWho needs a federal funding cliff (ie sequestration) when there's already one that's happened at the state level?

A new Census Report shows that local governments paid more than states towards the USA's $593B 2010 funding for education - for the first time in 16 years.  

This is mostly because of state funding going down a whopping 6.5 percent, notes a Huffington Post writeup of the report from which I am cribbing.

It's 44 percent to 43 percent now, with federal funding at 12.5.  The per pupil average is $10,615.


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iving in Vermont, one of the darker states, I can confirm that with decreased state and federal government assistance as far as school goes, taxes have gotten ridiculous. It doesn’t help that to acquire technology education benefits from the government, local schools are increasing their budgets to buy things like tablets and netbooks for all students.

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