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Best Of The Weekend: What'd You Read?

Zw0105The most important thing I read all weekend was probably this Peter Edelman description of where we are in terms of poverty and social support programs in the US.  You'll be surprised to see what's happened to the safety net.  

Poverty reduction wasn't a prerequisite to crime reduction in NYC, notes this thought-provoking article.  All it took was racial profiling and drones :-)

There's a worthwhile Huffington Post story about three different approaches to reform (dubbed traditional, reform, and broader bolder.  

The Hechinger Report describes how an Australian company you've never heard of came to dominate NYC's $100M professional development sector.

Here's a Slate article describing how there's something about a school bus that seems to promote bullying.  

n+1 shares its "best and crankiest" writing about higher education (including a feature that calls on so-called progressives to burn their master's degree certificates).  Wish they'd do the same for K-12.  

For all the rest I tweeted out you can always check #thisweekined, your weekend guide to education news and commentary.  


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Ha, I did like the article that encouraged protesters of higher education to burn their degrees. Hypocrisy is the spice of life.

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