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Audio: Paul Tough Talks About Failure

1338603433Sick of testing-and-accountability reform talk?   Listen to this Paul Tough talk from Bowdoin College from earlier this spring (audio here).  

His book is coming out in the fall, and I'm sure we're going to be hearing a lot about it from now until then.   Called How Children Succeed, here's a bootleg cell phone camera shot.  

The book is based in part on last September's NYT Sunday Magazine article about failure, resilience, etc (What if the Secret to Success Is Failure?).  Beware, the audio quality is a little rough and the volume preset is pretty high.  You might want to turn it down.


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I look forward to reading this book! The issue of teaching and school success will continue into the future. The question of what is the most important to teach is the biggest one. In my opinion many of the most important aspects of education cannot be dependably measured or tracked. That makes any attempt to run it by the numbers a useless exercise!

I completely agree with John, whether I’m really qualified to agree or not. Teaching is essentially about people, and people cannot be quantified.

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