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AM News: No Waiver For Iowa [Harkin's Not Gonna Like That]

Iowa Turned Down for ESEA Waiver EdWeek: Iowa is the first state to be turned down for a waiver, although at least one other state—Vermont—decided to drop out of the process altogether.

Louisiana Illegally Fired 7,500 Teachers, Judge Says  NYT: A judge confirmed that here on Wednesday, ruling that the Orleans Parish School Board and the Louisiana Department of Education, in laying the groundwork for a school reform movement that has become nationally recognized, illegally fired 7,500 school employees.


NH and PA School Choice Efforts Hit Snags EducationNews: After legislative failure in NH and PA, efforts to bring school choice to those states have stalled for the immediate future.

Lawmakers Close to Consensus on NY Teacher Eval Rules EducationNews: New guidelines will allow parents to view the overall ratings received by school teachers but will not make public the details of the evaluations themselves.

Houston's YES Prep charter schools win Broad prize AP:  A Houston-based charter organization serving predominantly minority and low-income students won the first Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools and will receive $250,000 to boost college readiness among low-income students....

How Much Does the Government Spend to Send a Kid to Public School?  NPR: There's even more variation when you get to the district level. Detailed figures and lots more data (including district-level spending) are available in a report the Census Bureau released today.

Some Communities Reluctant to Start School Later EducationNext: This TV news story from Sacramento draws on the recent Education Next study by Finley Edwards on the effects of later school start times on student achievement.

The Summer Learning Slide EducationMarketplace: Summer is officially here, and along with it, something known as the "summer slide." Kids can lose months' of skills they learned during the school year -- especially low-income kids. But as Marketplace's Amy Scott reports from the Education Desk at WYPR, more districts are cutting back on summer learning programs.



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Vermont may have turned down the waiver, but they have grossly overcompensated for that (for once, the state I live in comes up in conversation!) by exploiting the government’s technology grants. A local school I once attended, the same I mentioned in another post that put me in a proverbial padded cell for being a gifted student, recently received $150,000 for purchasing all kindergarteners, 7th, and 8th graders iPads, as well as Netbooks for the other grades, using a combination of the grant money and taxpayer dollars.

And regardless of the actual spending amount, and its incalculability, it’s about 11% of total government spending. Which, for all the “education is the future” rhetoric being tossed about, is kind of pathetic.

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