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Video: Arne Duncan Gets Ambushed

Still not convinced that Duncan's candor on same sex marriage didn't play a role in helping the White House change its mind last week?  Imagine if TMZ or any other camera crew had been able to shout some questions at Secretary Duncan during the long 48 hour time period between his Monday morning appearance on Morning Joe and Obama's Wednesday afternoon announcement on same sex marriage.

Well, that didn't happen.  This clip is from November -- don't know how I missed it -- when there was a kerfluffle about a former porn star participating in a school reading program. Luckily Duncan doesn't know who Sasha Grey is (for the record, neither do I).


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Sure, Alexander, you don't know who Sasha Grey is.

Arne actually looks like he’s trying to deny knowing who Sasha Grey is in that still image. Kind of a “WHAT? THAT HAPPENED?” look that most politicians know uncomfortably well.

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