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Update: Chubb Withdraws, Higher Ed Team Departs

OB-TB638_romney_G_20120523135009Per the previous post: Chubb is withdrawing from his role on the Romney advisory team (see full statement below), citing a desire not to "formally or informally, in our professional capacity... be linked to any party or candidate."

At roughly the same time, though not directly connected to the Romney issue, the higher education team at EdSector is going to be moving over to New America, with a formal announcement next week.

CHUBB STATEMENT (via email):

"I was asked to help advise the Romney campaign on education issues about a year ago, which I was honored to do. (I have advised political leaders of both parties regularly in my professional career.) I have provided periodic input to the Romney team since then. When the Romney education plan was unveiled this week, I was asked by the campaign if I was willing to make my participation public, and I said yes--as I believe in full transparency. Once the plan was released, I notified the campaign that I would not participate going forward, and that the campaign should not reference me as a member of the advisory team in the future. At Education Sector, we aim to provide guidance to policymakers of all political persuasions, but do not want formally or informally, in our professional capacity, to be linked to any party or candidate. Since I became CEO last month, that applies to me as well as all members of our team."



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Rmoney's Education Team is scary - a replay of GW Bush.
No thanks!
We're voting for the Christian - Pres. Obama.

Heh... that addresses my concern in that post I just made a few seconds ago (about Chubb and Romney not perhaps being quite compatible politically). That’ll show me to read from bottom to top.

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