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Technology: Classroom Drones, Playground Drones

image from www.newyorker.comWhat could an educator do with a small, easily controlled, programmable drone?  You could teach with it -- kids would love programming it or exploring the neighborhood via videocam from above.  You could keep watch over the campus with it.  No more lunch duty for bored teachers.  Just launch it and watch from above on your laptop.  Parents could use one to make sure their kids aren't getting bullied during recess.  

Drones are already being used here in the US, and their use is likely to spread quickly.  This New Yorker article explores their possible domestic uses, amazing and frightening.  They are increasingly small and able to perform complex tasks without being directly controlled by a human controller. 

Excited? Scared?  Me, too.  


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The fun part comes, naturally, when the drones get hacked. And I'm betting on the high school level, at least with some of the kids I went to high school with, that wouldn't take long.

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