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Media: HuffPost's "Wily" Joy Resmovits*

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It hasn't been that long since she (and the Education Page) have been on the scene but it's hard to remember life before Joy Resmovits, who joined Huffington Post as their main K12 education reporter on April 2011, according to her LinkedIn.  

She's had a few scoops and avoided making any horrible mistakes (that I know of).  She doesn't feel the need to put herself into the story or go out beyond the edge of her reporting (which I appreciate).

But don't be fooled by the smile and seeming shyness, or distracted by the stupid HuffPost logo and all the commentary and aggregation that makes up the rest of the page. The 2010 Barnard grad will Gchat you into submission, slip questions into casual conversation so smoothly and quickly you don't realize you're being worked.  

"She's wily," noted a DC communications person admiringly.  

Indeed.  See her stories here.  See her Twitter here.  

*CORRECTED:  It's wily, not wiley.  Wiley is my publisher.  


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She’s the best reporter they have right now, in my opinion. I honestly didn’t read the Huff until she came along.

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