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Campaign 2012: In Defense Of Arne ("Same Sex") Duncan

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Right about now about half the re-elect campaign probably wants to put Duncan on ice until Labor Day while the other half wants to increase his campaign appearances.   Agree with him or not on policy or same sex marriage, he's our guy and has been remarkably disciplined despite carrying a heavy load, so I hope they don't curtail his schedule just because of this.  I mean, it's not like he's been photographed dancing and drinking with staff or anything (has he?).


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I sort of assumed that after the Biden fiasco, Duncan's same-sex marriage quote was part of a deliberate orchestration on the administration's part to set up Obama's announcement.

I have to admit, PR stunt or not, the way Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage (almost as bluntly as Duncan), he’s earned tons of votes with less than 10 words.

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