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Poster: "Keep Calm And Continue Testing"

A test season riff on the WWII poster "Keep Calm And Carry On," via @mikeklonsky.  Is this for real, or even new?  I have no idea but would love to know.  There's an ACT logo and they're getting back to me about whether it's official or not.  If this was done by ACT rather than bootlegged it would be all the better.  Other versions of the same idea are here.


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I’d like to think the College Board has a sense of humor about them. Then again, considering the painfully droll pre-test speech all administrators are required to make, such humor would seem a bit out-of-place.

I have to say that looks rather student made. Nothing to ease the weary learning mind then a good joke about testing. I too can't see administrators making jokes about testing. They have to be strict, that's how they have their jobs. But it is good to see that their alright with letting them being put up. As far as that logo, its nothing a little copy and paste can't replicate

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