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Connecticut: Pay No Attention To The Gyurko Behind The Curtain

image from www.tc.columbia.eduThe behind the scenes involvement of former UFT / NYC DOE staffer Jonathan Gyurko (pictured) has roiled some of the folks fighting against changes being pushed in Connecticut, according to this Ct. Post article (Malloy's education consultant arouses union fears). They seem to hope that you'll be angered or distracted, too.  

I don't know enough about the Connecticut reforms or the no-bid process but this doesn't seem particularly substantive to me.  Gyurko is one of the few education reform folk out there who's worked on both sides of the reform aisle -- for the UFT and for the NYCDOE.  Matt Gandel, Jo Anderson, and Brad Jupp are among the few others I know about (Working Both Sides Of The Street). Sure, he works for evil capitalists now, but so do a lot of people you know.  

There's no middle ground out there right now, especially among reform opponents. Skim over this oped from CEA heads Phil Apruzzese is president and Mary Loftus Levine (Connecticut teachers' unions battles powerful outsiders over reform).


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It's not valid to lump critics of the currently faddish education "reform" sector with people who think capitalists are evil.

It’s really to be expected that no one is willing to see both sides of the issue. That’s how politics has been for far too long now... we’re coming off of the least productive congress in American history, and political habits tend to spread like wildfire, at least as long as I’ve been alive.

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