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Cartoons: Sioux City Newspaper Takes On Bullying

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The Sioux City Journal editorial board went big with a front-page editorial against bullying, including this image, and media watcher Jim Romenesko (and NPR) took notice:

Sioux City Journal editor explains front-page anti-bullying editorial

As I've said before it seems like policy types don't take bullying very seriously.  Truth be told, a lot of teachers and administrators feel helpfless and confused about what to do bout it, too.  But maybe that will change.  



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I had a teacher once tell me: “We want to help. Dear God, we want to. But I walk past children I don’t know hurting children I don’t know, and that’s nothing I can take to the office. I can only encourage kids being hurt to seek help from the office themselves. And that only works if they feel strong enough.” It’s difficult from any side.

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