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Thompson: Address Behavior To Retain Teachers

Student_disciplineOn the heels of the MET Life survey on the rise of teacher dissatisfication, Scholastic and the Gates Foundation have published "Primary Sources 2012."  It found less teacher dissatisfaction, while also reporting that teachers have little confidence in some of policies that are most favored by reformers, such as Common Core standards, pay for performance, and expanding the school day and year.  Moreover, much of the evidence in "Primary Sources" on the causes of teacher dissatisfaction is consistent with that of the MET Life surveys over the last three decades. In 2011, 62% of teachers reported that student behavior problems have increased.  Regarding policies that would help retain teachers, 53% of teachers say it is "absolutely important"  that more help be provided for dealing with misbehavior, while another 38% think it would be "very important." Among teachers who are dissatisfied, 84% want more support regarding behavioral problems. These results are also consistent with the MET "The American Teacher" survey of students which asked whether their school was "too noisy for students to be able to concentrate." Ten percent of students said that such a statement "very much describes my school," while 48% say it is "somewhat descriptive." "-JT (@drjohnthompson)image via.  


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