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Trends: Skip TFA, Go Straight Into Policymaking

Blumenfeld andrew

In a previous era, someone like Andrew J. Blumenfeld, 20, would have finished his college education and applied to Teach for America.

Instead, the Princeton junior ran for and won a seat on his local school board back home in Southern California. He campaigned on a pro-reform platform and called on the district to provide better AP courses for students pursuing rigorous studies.

Board members like Blumenfeld could become increasingly common in the next wave of school reform efforts, which are focusing much more on leadership and advocacy than on classroom- or school-level changes.

Blumenfeld is cofounder of a group called Students for Education Reform, which has 71 chapters and a national office in New York City.

Clearly, there are lots of Blumenfelds out there.

Read the interview here:  An Interview with Andrew J. Blumenfeld


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He's right, students who want advanced courses are being forced into the private market, since the public school authorities, at least since NCLB, devote so much of their time to other students, and ones like young Mr. Blumenfeld are not their priority. The idea of treating students equally, at least whenever possible, is not very consistently applied, since one brand of reform focuses on equal outcomes rather than equal opportunity.

I don't think any policies espoused by Rhee or Barr have any impact or relevance in La Canada, a community I'm familiar with.

AJ has already had a big impact. I'm so glad he won.

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