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Media: TV's "New Girl" Teacher Is She One Of You?

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She's not exactly Mr. Prezbo, but on "New Girl" hyper-quirky actress Zooey Deschanel plays a a character named Jess who lives with three guys and is also an elementary school teacher.  Occasionally, we get to see her doing something education-related, as in Episode 14 when Jess has to deal with a bullying student in her class and ends up apologizing to her principal after losing her cool: 

Jess: I am so sorry, Tanya.

Principal Tanya: Don’t be. I love it! Jess, you’re a real teacher now.

Jess: What?

Principal Tanya: You’re a kid-hater. You’re one of us.

Jess:  But I don't hate her.

Principal Tanya:  Of course you don't.

Link to other lines from the show here. A review of the season from a teacher's perspective here.


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