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AM News: Romney Slams "Federal" Unions

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Romney Launches Attack On Teachers Unions HuffPost: Mitt Romney has pledged to push back against teachers unions as president.

A School Improvement Grant Report Card from CEP Politics K12: Two years into the implementation of the federal School Improvement Grant program, state officials are generally optimistic about its potential, but have a lot of ideas for perfecting it.

Early SIG Data Looks Promising, Duncan Says Politics K12: So can the biggest federal investment—and tightest federal strings ever—actually make a difference for the nation's lowest-performing schools?

Education Department Pursues NCLB Waivers for Districts Politics K12: The U.S. Department of Education, which is in the middle of granting waivers to states from many of the core tenets of the No Child Left Behind Act, already is thinking ahead to how it can offer the same flexibility to school districts in states that choose not to seek a waiver.

Panel Says Schools’ Failings Could Threaten Economy and National Security  AP via NYT: A report cites critical shortages in foreign-language speakers and a growing lack of expertise in science, defense and aerospace as baby boomers retire. ALSO Policy Leaders: National Security, Prosperity At Risk By Way Of Current School System HuffPost


Mulgrew to Walcott: Use Loan Forgiveness to Retain Teachers NYT: In a letter on Monday to Chancellor Dennis M. Walcott, Michael Mulgrew, the president of the teachers' union, reminded city officials that any loan forgiveness program for teachers must be negotiated. But Mr. Mulgrew offered conditional support for the mayoral proposal, with the recommendation that it be used to keep experienced teachers in the system and discourage the kind of turnover that robs pupils of teachers with proven abilities.

Why Some Parents Resent the Success Charter Schools NYT: In an opinion article in The Times this weekend, a parent of a kindergarten pupil at P.S. 261 Philip Livingston in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, said the planned addition of Success Academy charter schools into the gentrified areas of Cobble Hill and Williamsburg may siphon off middle-class students, destroying the delightful demographic mix at her daughter's school.

Indiana To Overhaul Certification Exam For Principals Hechinger Report via HuffPost: Indiana is poised to dramatically overhaul the way it determines whether educators are qualified to become principals.




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