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AM News: Duncan Defends Waivers, Competitive Grants

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Duncan Defends Waivers, Competitive Grants to Congress Politics K12: The clash between the Obama administration, which loves its signature Race to the Top and other grant programs, and folks in Congress who want to see a bigger investment in funding for special education and disadvantaged students, is clearly not going away anytime soon.

Two states, two different paths on charter schools Stateline: Legislators in Georgia want to the state to be able to create new charter schools without local approval, while legislators in New Jersey would like to slow down the process by requiring local consent.

Leftover snow days mean some students can plow into summer USA Today:  At least nine of the snowiest U.S. cities had less than 60% of their average snowfall this year, so many schools will cut the year short.

Start-Ups Try to Crack Education Market WSJ: Education, long a favorite cause among Bay Area philanthropists, is also starting to attract technologists who want to make money in it. That's generating a boom in start-ups trying to make education more efficient.

Could You Pass The 8th Grade By Today's Testing Standards? HuffPost: As Texas students started taking a new state-mandated test this week, districts across the state have gradually signed on to a resolution that says high-stakes standardized tests are "strangling our public schools."

Bullying Study Shows Some Kids At High Risk For Abuse HuffPost: Kids with autism spectrum disorders are three times as likely as their non-affected siblings to experience bullying, a new national survey finds.


Bringing Up a Young Reader on E-Books NYT: It may take a generation to know for sure whether e-books are better for children than regular books.

City Submits Plans to Close and Reopen 33 Schools NYT: With only three months left until the end of the school year, city education officials are proceeding with plans to close and reopen 33 schools this summer. On Tuesday, officials sent their proposals to the State Education Department, kicking off a review process that could take months and wind up in court.

D.C. school budget: Parents, students decry cuts to high schools, librarians, special ed coordinators Washington Post: The witness list ran nine pages for Wednesday’s D.C. Council hearing on Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s proposed FY 2013 education budget, testament to the volume of unmet needs--and programs at risk of cuts--in the city’s schools.

High Schools Have Dress Codes for Prom Gowns WSJ: To avoid having to turn away tearful girls on the big night, prom organizers are taking pre-emptive action, issuing specific guidelines early, offering dress approval in advance and relying on image-heavy PowerPoint presentations to make it crystal clear what styles will, and won't, be allowed at the dance.



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