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Video: Using Twitter To Create A Personal PLC

It's Digital Learning Day, and here's a video of Eric Sheninger discussing how he uses Twitter to create a personal PLC:

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This is a very interesting video posting. My school has been advertising that we are now on Twitter and me not being a user until recently didn't understand why this was happening. A couple things mentioned in the video helped me understand why this was happening. Twitter provides real-time information about sports scores, staff accomplishments, announcements, emergency info, what kids are doing and so much more. Twitter can also be used in the classroom for students to document their learning. My only question and concern for the classroom is what if students don't have electronic devices- or ones that are not capable of using Twitter? Are we pointing out a socio-economic gap by allowing students to use such technology in class? I am interested in hearing how anyone has used Twitter in their classroom and what to do when students don't have the technology.

It is worth a while to celebrate the digital learning day, because the online learning is future of learning. It is the most convenient, flexible and economical way of learning.

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