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Media: "Linsanity" Not So New To School Reform

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Like many others I've been enjoying the harmless hullabaloo surrounding Jeremy Lin, which has (with a couple of notable exceptions) been harmless and distracting and blissfully divorced from having anything to do with education (aside from a few Daily Show jokes about Tiger Moms and the "Asian F."  And yet, I can't help but note the similarities between the media frenzy surrounding Lin and the over-exuberant treatment of any number of recent education figures (Sal Kahn, Joel Klein, Michelle Rhee, Geoff Canada, Steve Barr, Diane Ravitch, etc.).  And I can't help but think about just how modest and preliminary Lin's accomplishments are at this point in his career.  So let's enjoy the Linsanity as long as it lasts but remember to exercise a little bit of caution and skepticism the next time a Jeremy Lin shows up in education, has some early successes, and seems poised to be the next education savior. Related: Jeremy Lin And The NBA’s Savior Myth.


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*cough* Ken Robinson *cough*

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