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Video: A School ID Is All It Took To Take The SAT 16 Times

"A school ID is what? Like what is that? It's like, it's some colors with literally a name and picture on it."  That's the kid kid who took all the tests -- and his description of how pathetic the security process was. And so far at least ETS is resisting calls for better security or for notifying colleges of even confirmed cases of cheating on the test.  From the most recent "60 Minutes" aired this past weekend.  Yes, of course, it's NCLB's fault.  


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School ID is very important, it is a must and for easy traceability of all students in the campus. Who knows that you are belong to that campus if dont have such kind of system. This very important to trace your personal affilliation to the school.

I agree with jezreel. This is for our protection also. If no ID system how do we know that, there's a terrorist already inside the campus.

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