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Site News: Meet Paul Bruno

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As many of you have already noticed, middle school science teacher Paul Bruno (not pictured) has become a regular contributor here, adding a new voice and perspective to my thoughts and those of veteran teacher John Thompson.  Over the past few weeks he's posted about resistance to raising the dropout age, conflicting reform messages on the role of parents, excessive optimism on NCLB reauthorization prospects, the 'gotcha' mentality behind "take the test," and how if there's going to be standardized testing he'd like science included. I don't always agree with him, but that's the point. My goal, as always, is to make this blog as interesting and fresh as possible, and Bruno -- a relatively young district* school teacher -- has some interesting views on things that are different from mine and from Thompson's.  I like the fact that he seems pretty curious and relatively fearless about taking on orthodoxies of all kinds.  

*Corrected:  The original version of the post said Bruno was at a charter school.


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