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AM News: Romney's English-Only Views On ELLs

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Romney Hearts English Immersion, Mrs. Gingrich Likes Music Education Politics K12: Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is a huge fan of English immersion programs. Romney's state used a CNN-sponsored debate in Florida to reiterate his love for programs that teach kids only in English. He's said in other debates, and in his recent book, that kids don't learn as well in bilingual education classes.

Phila. district must cut $400,000 a day Inquirer: City Controller Alan Butkovitz expressed serious concern Wednesday about the Philadelphia School District's continued financial viability.

At turnaround schools, wide range in college readiness rates GothamSchools: A handful of the high schools the city wants to “turn around” are already doing a better-than-average job at preparing students for college.

As Evaluation Talks Resume, Some Teachers Press for a Resolution NYT: Teachers petitioned the city and union to reach an agreement on a new teacher evaluation system that would fulfill the requirements of a federal grant and free up $58 million that the state has been withholding. 

The term paper is disappearing Chicago Tribune: The high school research paper, that academic rite of passage riddled with footnotes and anchored by a bibliography, has faded from many classrooms, a consequence of larger class sizes that leave teachers with more students and less time.


Partnership to boost science learning in Detroit AP via Chicago Tribune: Public schools students in Detroit will get a leg up on learning as part of the district's collaboration with the prestigious Cranbrook Institute of Science

Premont, Tex., Schools Suspend Sports to Save Costs Texas Tribune via NYT: Faced with closure, the estimated $150,000 that the Premont, Tex., school district would spend during the next year on spring and fall sports, including football, could no longer be justified.

Texas education officials decry 'over-testing' in public schools AP via Stateline: State Board of Education members pressed the Texas education commissioner on Thursday about whether an abundance of high-stakes standardized testing is warping classroom teaching to ensure students spend more time preparing for the exams then actual learning.


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We can’t ignore the research on bilingualism fostering creativity among other things. Also, there have been successful schools with immersions programs the other way around (for native speakers of English), such as schools in Seattle with Japanese immersion programs that perhaps Romney should visit if he has not already.

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