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Video: New Haven Press Officer Confronts Reporter -- Resigns

The confrontation between New Haven Independent reporter Melissa Bailey and a New Haven schools press official has gotten attention on Jim Romenesko's blog -- and now the school official has turned in his letter of resignation. Not everyone thinks the situation is as cut and dried as it may seem, including some of the 120 commenters on the New Haven Independent site and Hartford Courant columnist Rick Green. What do you think?  


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Here's the public-private partner's website:
They're in my state, too, but my lieutenant governor thinks they're a non-profit. I have to sympathize with DFER's admission last week that you can't tell where the turnaround funds are actually going.

Thank you, Melissa, for using your reporter's voice against this hired twirp; and thanks Alexander for running the links. I can use this.

I couldn't find any reference on Romanesco's blog - this blog?

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