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Media: Instant Analysis Of The Dillon Era (& What Happens Next)

Tumblr_lwb812LTDK1qz6f9yo1_500News got out yesterday via email and the NY Observer that longtime national education reporter Sam Dillon was leaving the K12 education beat and taking a buyout -- planning to do some occasional writing on a contract basis (and he says he's also going back to school to improve his command of the German language). 

His most contentious story might have been his 2006 coverage of alleged curriculum narrowing, which I named one of the most prominent stories of the NCLB ear.  But he didn't stop there.  His most recent big story was the admirable piece on the Gates advocacy surge, which created a decent-sized hullabaloo. 

Longtime readers know that I didn't always love Dillon's coverage -- sometimes I felt like he listened to the reformy types a little too much, or wrote stories that felt knee-jerk. But then again criticizing other people's work is what I do, and criticizing the New York Times is an easy thing to do a lot of.  Despite my silly complaints Dillon has always been decent to me and in fact showed me inordinate consideration in his story about the "divorce" proceedings between Green Dot and Steve Barr.  

No word yet from inside the Times on how they're going to shuffle things around to fill in for Dillon's departure. Alan Schwarz is ostensibly on the national education beat.  Trip Gabriel.... whatever happened to that guy?  Matt Richter and Stephanie Saul have been doing a ton of writing about education technology.  It's possible there could be some new faces in the new year.  Sharon Otterman hasn't been replaced, either.   


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Other memorable NYT Dillon stories include Mephis merger http://ow.ly/85uGZ and George W. vs. Jeb on education http://ow.ly/85uJ7

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