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Thompson: The "Return" Of Building Blocks (Tetherball's Next)

EdtweakFirst, Kyle Spencer of the New York Times reports on the backlash against children having too much time in front of computer screens and "overly academic preschools."  Even some of the most prescriptive of school leaders are embracing the return of old-fashioned building blocks to elementary classrooms.  Then ""Anonymous" at Edtweak  describes Education Secretary Arne Duncan's announcement on the "clear and compelling evidence that physical activity plays a crucial role in learning."  So, Secretary Duncan has added a new requirement for states seeking waivers from NCLB. All primary and secondary schools must now have four tetherball poles.  Duncan is said to also be considering a mandate that schools must serve "that chocolate milk with the adorable cow on the container."  Ignoring charges that he has become "power mad," Duncan is also considering a mandate that schools return to film strip projectors that allowed children to see films forwards and backwards.-JT (@drjohnthompson)Image via.


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