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Lists: Who's *Not* On The Forbes Reformer List?

image from blogs-images.forbes.comWho are the nation's most powerful education reformers? Most of the folks on the list Forbes published at the recommendation of Wendy Kopp are predictable and/or self-serving (ie, leaders of organizations that Kopp created, supports, or who are TFA alums). Not surprisingly, Diane Ravitch, Linda Darling-Hammond, Randi Weingarten, and Steve Brill are not on the list.  But then again neither are a handful of folks who might have expected to be there:  Princeton classmate John Schnur, TFA alums Michelle Rhee and John White, or TFA enthusiasts Whitney Tilson and Andy Rotherham.  Most interesting picks, in my opinion?  Milwaukee's Howard Fuller, a longtime voucher advocate, and Anna Ponce of the LA charter school Camino Nuevo (pictured).  


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FYI, you spelled Jon Schnur's name incorrectly.

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