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Power Couples: Emily & David Sirota

Picture 8#edcolo Meet David and Emily Sirota, education's hottest couple for October.  The husband is a left-leaning columnist and radio host.  The wife is a former Democratic staffer who's running for school board in Denver.  The election is next week.   As you know from earlier in the week, the husband has been writing about his wife's experiences in the race, and that -- among other things -- has attracted national media attention including an MSBC appearance. Alas, the media attention has gotten less accurate as it's gone viral, as EdNewsColorado explains in detail.  The George W. Bush visit to Denver wasn't an implied endorsement of Sirota's husband. Pretty much all of those involved in the race on both sides are Democrats. There's not really all that much support for vouchers in this race. Both candidates have gotten money from outside the state. Sirota has taken money from the local teachers union.  None of this means that there isn't too much unregulated money in the race, or even that Sirota woudn't make a good board member.  But the story that this is some simple Republicans vs. Democrats kind of thing isn't quite accurate.  


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