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Events: "The Truth About Testing" At Columbia J-School

30-days-of-average4Following up on last Spring's workshop on private philanthropy, the Columbia Journalism School is putting on another workshop this weekend -- this time on standardized testing.  I'm disappointed that testing industry insider Todd Farley isn't a panelist but am hoping that there will be some challenging voices there along with testing experts.  It's certainly an interesting time to think about testing, given changes proposed to NCLB, the spread of the Common Core, and the rise of interim assessments in some districts and schools.  Scheduled panlists include Daniel Koretz, Jon Snyder, Robert J. Tobias, Heather Vogell, (reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution), David Coleman, Laura Slover.  Titled "The Truth About Testing," the event runs Friday and Saturday and is invitation only.  Sponsored by Atlantic Philanthropies.  Related post:  The Myth Of The All-Powerful Billionaires.


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A person who really deserves to be there is Howard Wainer, former chief statistician for ETS who now teaches at the Wharton School. He has just published a book, "Uneducated Guesses", via Princeton University Press last month, and it's the education book I'd most like to read next. In it he argues that a lot of people who don't understand testing or statistical inference are nonetheless making claims, policy proposals, and arguments that are invalid and potentially ruinous for public education. And unlike most commentators regarding education, this is someone who has been well positioned to know what he's talking about. To not invite him is to miss a real opportunity for both education pundits and the broader community. Here's a link to a story about him: http://www.substancenews.net/articles.php?page=2602

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