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Chart: A Third Of US Homes Don't Have Internet Access

Picture 51Remember way back when you had to go to work or to school or to the lab to use a computer with Internet access?  I do.  And  remember what a difference it made on how I used computers.  

Many of those talking about online learning these days seem to have forgotten what it's like to have to go somwhere to get online, or to consider home Internet access an afterthought instead of a precondition. Or they think everyone has an iPhone.

Read more here.  Chart via ASCD.


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Only people who live in their own bubble, and have no idea how other people live, can think that everyone has easy, constant internet access in their homes.

Gates should have spent his money on building lots and lots of tiny branch libraries with computer terminals. Then local communities would have been provided with increased computer access for their poor and highly mobile families, the ones who are lacking it the most.

Poor families usually live in public housing or rent apartments, and their lives are often unstable so they also move a lot. Plus, even if they can afford it and are relatively stable for a time, the relatively challenging task of buying a computer and setting it up with internet service proves to be a barrier. Not all homes have a tech head living within.

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