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Media: Life On A Country Singer's Former Tour Bus

image from www.richestlists.com By now I'm guessing that the initial novelty of being on the Duncan education bus has worn off for many of the reporters who were invited to ride along with the Education Secretary -- the WSJ's Stephanie Banchero, the NYT's Alan Schwarz, the Washington Post's Lyndsey Layton, and AP's Kimberly Hefling (there may be others). Now the stories will start to trickle out -- pretty much guaranteed by the embedding arrangement and all the time spent out of the office. HuffED's Joy Resmovits seems to have beaten everyone to the punch with a bus-based story (Duncan Hops On A Bus To Address Rust Belt School Districts).  Though Alan Schwarz has been doing some fun tweeting about things like Duncan's bus being previously used by country singer Toby Keith (here).  Just trying to keep himself amused, I get the sense.  UPDATE:  Here's Schwarz's stream of updates over the last couple of days, which somehow didn't show up in my search. CORRECTION:  Banchero is not, was not on the bus.


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