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Video: "Up With People" Lives On


Remember "Up With People?"  Only if you're old.  But the UWP type hasn't disappeared.  To the contrary it seems to have flourished in ed reform circles.  Like UWP, they're young and perky and super optimistic, live and travel (and party) together, and keep their participation to a brief but intense period of time and then congratulate themselves and each other for what they've done.  They don't know or care who funds them.  Via The Awl.


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Years ago I knew a guy who had recently left Up With People (yes, I'm old). He said lots of sex and drug use -- and mockery of their wholesome onstage image -- went on among those young and perky and super optimistic types. Are you comparing them to TFA? Hmmm...

And for more matching outfits, check out the award-winning film, Smile 'Til It Hurts http://www.filmbaby.com/films/5670. They "were drugged with a passion to make a difference."

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