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Update: Rhee Opposes Publishing Teacher Ratings Also

image from www.simrad.comFollowing up on last week's reminder that TFA founder Wendy Kopp opposes publishing teachers' value-added ratings (she calls it naive, basically) I was asking around whether other reformy types shared the same view.  

I seemed to recall that Michelle Rhee wasn't a big fan of the idea, either, but was too lazy to look back and see what she'd said.  The folks at StudentsFirst bailed me out with this quote from their newish spokesperson, Nancy Zuckerbrod: "We generally support empowering parents with knowledge of teacher effectiveness based on a broad-based metric with value added growth, peer evaluations, and other criteria including contributions to the school community all factored in.  Since we don't believe teacher performance is measured by test scores alone, we have concerns that these newspaper ratings don't account for the true and whole picture of effectiveness that parents are entitled to"  

Next up, KIPP.  Anyone know what Mike and Dave think about publishing ratings? Also -- has Arne changed his tune on the publication issue?  I know he was pretty gung-ho on it back last year when the LAT first published ratings but maybe he's changed his tune since then.  


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