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Five Best Blogs: What Annual Test Results Miss

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Our Annual Testing Data Charade Shanker Blog: Any newspaper... that heralds changes in proficiency rates without at least examining the grade-by-grade change in actual scores may very well be hiding more than it reveals. 

Taunting Michelle Rhee EdNext:  Winerip is right: Rhee really should discuss the brewing Washington, DC, public school cheating charges that a USA Today reporting team unearthed last May.

Have National Education Standards Arrived? Kevin Kosar: As I see it, a host of issues remain between where we are and a system of national education standards. 

The name game Mike Petrilli: Corporations hate controversy; real reform is controversial; ergo, “corporate reform” is an oxymoron.

American Teacher Uprising: A brand new documentary called American Teacher tells the stories of four teachers from 4 different cities who passionately struggle to remain teachers sometimes at the expense of their own well-being. 

If Porn Stars Can't Teach in Schools, What Will Become of America? The Awl: Mr. Loftis, also known as Collin O'Neal, contends that if he'd been in straight porn, administrators wouldn't have blinked. I do not think that is true! 

Why Don't We Teach Kids How to Use CTRL+F? Liz Dwyer: Ninety percent of people don't know that they can use CTRL or Command+F to find a word in a document or web page.  


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