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Standards: New Report Undercuts Duncan Waiver Argument

Walker-wide mitch blunt The WSJ's Stephanie Banchero and Huffington Post's Joy Resmovits both use the release of a new report from NCES to describe about how state assessments have gotten more rigorous in recent years, though they still vary widely and are too many of them too easy. This shows two things that are important to note in light of the Duncan waiver proposal: First, that states are already many of them moving in the right direction in terms of more rigor. ( Eight states have raised standards for reading and math in recent years.  SC is the only state to drop standards.  Two more states -- NY and TN -- have raised them more recently than the report parameters allow.) Second, letting states create their own hodgepodge of accountability on a state by state basis will only further erode comparability. You think it's hard to compare states now, with a relatively uniform AYP reporting system in place?  It could get much harder under the Duncan waiver scheme, especially during the years between now and when common core standards and assessments are implemented (which could be a while). WSJ here: States Fail to Raise Bar in Reading, Math Tests.  HuffED here:  Standardized Tests' Measures Of Student Performance Vary Widely Image via NYTSM

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