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Money: StudentsFirst Not On NewsCorp Foundation List

HighSchool_magnumCheck out this Politico story from last month showing that Rupert Murdoch's Newscorp Foundation hasn't given any money to Michelle Rhee's StudentsFirst organization (News Corp. 2011 giving favors Dems) so far in 2011 (and has been favoring Democrats recently in contrast to previous cycles).  The Brill book claims that Murdoch had given money to Rhee, though Brill hasn't named any sources or produced any supporting documents.  Of course, Murdoch and his cronies could be giving money to Rhee from out of his own pocket and it wouldn't show up here, or could have pledged money but never ponied up (are you still allowed to say that?). StudentsFirst, set up as a c3/c4 (not a PAC, apparently), isn't confirming or denying that they've received funding from Murdoch or anyone else.  NewsCorp has been publishing its corporate political giving since the spring. See the full 2011 list here (PDF)


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